Thursday, September 4, 2008

Questions about freebies

I just wanted to let you all know that when I post the freebies here on my blog, I will always post the preview of it.

** If I host it on a file sharing site such as 4shared, I will post the download link and the password below the preview. Once you click on the download link, you will need to copy & paste or type in the password just as you see it on my blog. I will usually let the freebies stay up until they are no longer wanted any more, which is at least 30 days if it is hosted on 4shared, so be sure to check out all of my freebies by clicking on the Quick Glance: Freebie link in the side bar.

** Now, if I have my freebie hosted in the 3Scrapateers Freebie Gallery, I will post the link to go directly to the freebie in the 3S freebie gallery. You will need to register as a member at 3Scrapateers, if you aren’t already. Registering is quick, free and easy to do! Then you must be logged into 3Scrapateers to be able to see the freebie gallery. It is a very friendly atmosphere there, so jump on over there and join us for a challenge or a chat or even games! Freebies that are posted at 3S are there permanently, so you will always be able to download them as long as the site is there!

I hope that helps! :)

** While I am thinking about it, which do you prefer, 4shared or 3S freebie gallery?
** What are your thoughts? Let me know!!!