Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Freebie alert! - New Blog Wear for February just for YOU!

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Well, after having a couple of good weeks without a panic attack, it happened again last night. Tanner was with me and he was trying to be so supportive and even seemed to try to keep talking to me while we were heading home, to keep my mind busy. I think it worked ok because I didn't flip a total gooney.... it was just a little gooney, only very noticable! LOL

I was pretty sad last night but bounced back today and even went to 3 different places; Target, Walgreens and Kolh's! Yep, I even made it in and out of Kohls without incident! I was pretty stoked about that! It's the little things that make me so happy! :) So, I will keep attempting to go out and about even if these panic attacks keep happening because I really do not want to shut myself away from everything that is going on out there in the world!

Here is to more small baby steps to success!!!

How about some new blog wear created by me just for the month of love, February! Leave us a link when you get your blog all decked out, we'd all love to stop by and see! I do include some simple instructions for Blogger on how to install the blog wear in the zipped file that you download, but if you have a neat little trick or a not so shabby secret to decorating your blog, let us know! What I know is all by trial and error.

Beary Valentine Blog Wear

Download here

Enjoy and be sure to link back we'd love to stop by your blog & see how you decorate! :)


Denise aka wererich said...

Gorgeous! Can't wait to use it.

Scoobie81 (Lisa) said...

Oh, man! Am I going to have to make a blog??? I keep seeing these cute items and I want to use them!!!! Thanks so so much, Kimmi!

I am very excited with your attitude about the panic attacks! To get out and about and have it getting less and less...I am so proud of you! Then to get right back out there again! Whooohoooo to baby steps!

suruha said...

Hi, there,

I read your post with much interest. I'm an agoraphobic. I came to be like this because of the panic attacks. I'm okay with staying at home, though, as I'm disabled, as well. If I could say anything to you - don't stop trying. I really miss the autonomy of coming and going like I did when younger. I'm 54, now.

Remember, a panic attack never killed anyone. LOL It is fact. You think everyone will look at you like you're bonkers, right? They won't. They will probably understand.

Anyway, your designs are really cool! If I'm ever in the market for new blog wear, I will sure look you up.



Stater said...


Know all about those panic attacks... been there.

Good luck with those.

Thanks for the lovely blog wear!


Trisha said...

Thank you Kimberly :)

Stater said...

Here ya go Kimmi... I may change it a bit. Depends on my time & how I feel. LOL

Thanks again!


Dawn said...

Thanks...used for a your work!