Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Blog Wear Freebie for YOU!

Freebie Blog Banner

As a special request for new monthly Blog Wear for your blogs, November's is here!
I used my Sunshine on My Shoulders Kit to create this Blog Wear set.
I am not linking you up to the kit because I am not sure how much longer my 3Scrapateers store will be open.

I hopefully will have my new store open at Scrapbook Elements next Sunday!
Well, there is my announcement as to where I will be going to land out here in Scrapland; at SBE!!!
I am sad to be leaving 3S but super excited to be a part of the SBE team and
to be joining my Partner in Crime, Ms Rina Kroes! Check out her blog and her SBE store.
I am always inspired and in awe of her designs! She is just one of the nicest people you could ever meet!
I love her accent when she talks too! :)


Download here
Leave me a link to your blog! I’d love to see how you decorate!
If more of you play, then we just might do another contest
for a free kit or something like that!


Angela said...

this is beautiful, thank you

ShariScraps2 said...

Hi Kimmi,

This is gorgeous - one of these days I have to start a blog - LOL! So glad to see that you will still be around.


Carole N. said...

Hello Kimmi!
I don't have a blog, but your set is wonderful.

I am so tickled to read that you will be at SBE with Rina. How exciting fo r both of you.

I just sent in my resignation from the HT. I plan to stick around...just not do so much behind the scenes. I still have boxes of photos to get scrapped and I am not getting any younger. ROFLOL

Love you! Oh, I voted. LOL

Martie said...

Wow - I just love these, so beautiful - thanks so much, Kimmi!

Stater said...

Finally got my updated for November. At least I started on it. LOL

Thanks again,

TifLyn said...

Wow, these are wonderful as always. I had fully intended to update my pitiful blog last month with the Halloween freebies, but I just couldn't figure it out. All that html codes etc are just over my head! If it weren't for your instructions I'd have never been able to update. 2 hrs later my blog looks like a real blog now. I guess I'll have to post now.
Who know who would come visit - I don't have any freebies, lol!
I'm sad to hear you left 3S. Looks like so many have. And you all are split up a lot now. But that means new sites for me, I guess. SBE I believe is owned by a gal here in Phx, if I remember correctly. If I am thinking of the right site. I used to work with her son (for about 3 months, that was a short job...) But he was so sweet and I was just getting started in scrapping then. I kinda stopped going to all the sites I used to so I could focus on one or two. Now I will be all over again, at least til I find a new home I guess...
Oh, I voted too! (in the Presidential election...)
Many, many hugs... Tif
Oh, here's my blog - such that it is. I hope to go back and add more and all - when I am not so frustrated!

TifLyn said...

opps, forgot the link! LOL - I need sleep now!
looks like I need to change my bkgrnd. Can't read my text! Ugg!
Hugs, Tif

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this i just love the flowers and the colours

Anonymous said...