Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chat & Challenge - Monday, 9/8 3S Birthday Crop 'Em & Swap 'Em with Kimmi


FYI: You do not have to attend the CESE Chat on Monday night to join in the quick page swap! But there is a freebie that you get for coming to the chat!!!!!

Please follow these guidelines when creating your pages:

1. Create at least 1 – 12x12 inch - 300 PPI Quick Page (LO minus journaling and photos) You may ONLY use the Jellybeans & Birthday Cake freebies that you are receiving from the blog train and or any of the chats or challenges. You're always welcome to create & submit more if you like.

2. Save your quick page as either JPG (no place cut out for photo) or PNG (with a place cut out for photo.) If you're not sure how to do it, please let me know and I will help you out as best I can.

3. Post all your pages here It is also helpful to leave me a note in this thread here so that I can make sure that I have everyone!

4. When naming your quick page before you send it in to me, please name your quick page like this: YourName_3SBDAY08_QP.jpg or YourName_3SBDAY08_QP.png

Example: KimmiStewart_3SBDAY08_QP.png

5. All pages are due by Midnight, Friday, September 12th and will be returned no later than September 19th but much sooner hopefully!!!

4. Please, zip up your quick page using winzip or even winrar, then upload it to a file sharing site such as 4shared, then email the link to your page to me, Kimmi Stewart

I will send out all of the pages that are submitted to everyone who plays and I will make a note in this thread when they have been sent out to everyone so be on the look out! The links will be valid for 48 hrs only to save space on the server for others.

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