Monday, November 22, 2010

New Releases + Freebie for YOU!

It sure has been busy around here with a ton of things going on and not all good things. :(

I'll try to bring you up to date quickly (lol)

My son, Tanner, had a slight concussion on Sunday, November 7th while riding motoX practice. The following weekend, he was racing motoX and had a pretty bad wreck, one that his Dad even said "He (Tanner) was lucky that he's able to walk after that one. It was nasty!" Well, long story short, he had a screaming head ache, memory loss, blurry vision in his left eye, dizziness and balance issues. He's seen 3 doctors, had an MRI (we should be getting the results anytime now!) He is getting better slowly. The blurry vision is gone. It appears that most of the dizziness and maybe the balance issues have been resolved, as well as most of the head aches. At least the head ache is not constant. Tanner is sick of my asking him how he's doing! LOL

Before you ask, yes, he wears full protective gear when riding his dirt bike. No, I can not/have not been able to, legally, stop him from riding or stop his Dad from letting him ride. We are divorced (have been for 14 years happily) and it will probably end up taking several doctors and court orders to get it stopped! Trust me, I have always preferred and voiced my opinion tht I do not want Tanner riding motoX. The doctors are starting to discuss the number of concussions that Tanner has already had in his short 14 years. He has had 6 concussions, that I can count/remember clearly, within the last 2 year alone, (with this last one being #6) Not to mention his two hospital stays (pancrease, spleen and broken should blade) I will keep you posted if anything changes!

Let's see, I also have my email/inernet pc down.... a 500gig hard drive, that was not even 1/4th full, went bad!!! ACK! :( I have been without it now for just about a 1 1/2 weeks! Eric worked on it yesterday. I have a new hard drive but now I have to load thigns back on! I juat don't like doing that part! LOL I am hoping that he will be able to recover at least my emails and my Favorites folders!

Oh my goodness, I alsmost forgot to tell you about this! A friend of mine and I decided to get our crafty on and have opened our own little ArtFire shop, MK Crafts & Such! So far, we have about 25+ Mini Domino Pendants uploaded to the store but don't fret, there are more items coming! I just wish I had more time in the day! I'm having trouble with my camera, so I am working on that!

Much more has been going on but it's just regular life stuff and it appears that I am writing a novel here and I don't want to do that! LOL

Now onto the good stuff! LOL Since I have fallen behind with posting here on my blog, here is a preview of all of the items that I have placed into my store since my last post.

This darling gift was created by our very own Royal Muse, Bon, using my new Harvest Blessings Kit.
Please leave her some love and be sure to stop by again as I have a couple more goodies for you this week!

Download here & enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Kimi, thanks so much for your freebies! Don't know if you remember me, but I used to design for one of the companies you used to work for. Have been out of the loop a couple of years and went back to the site only to find you weren't there any more. Fortunately, I found you again. I see you are no longer "the bead lady." Your kits are wonderful and keep up the great work--luv, Kern

craftychic said...

Thank you Kimmi. I hope Tanner recovers quickly. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Stater said...

Poor Tanner... at least they aren't after you for child abuse. You know how folks can go overboard with that this days.

Thanks for the goodie & have a wonderful Tom Turkey day!

tajicat said...

Your poor son, it all sounds very worrisome; at least he has one parent that cares! Thanks for the freebie. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!