Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Releases - 6/27/10 - Trying to play Catch Up!

Well, it has been super busy around here! How about I bring you up to speed with just a few of the dandy little highlights, ok?!

To start things off, Tanner had a motocross accident May 15th, which required a hospital stay and of course multiple follow-up appointments, which are still occurring weekly. To make this long story short, he broke his left shoulder blade and had a few internal issues, most of which have healed except for his pancreas. He is still going in on a weekly basis for lab work until the blood levels return to normal. His shoulder blade is on the mend but not quick enough for him! LOL

Kaytelynn graduated from high school on June 8th! I'm so proud of her! She is working, is pretty healthy and is now considering creating fonts and maybe even doodles. I can't wait to see what she does with the Wacom tablet and font software that I got for her. She is quite the artist, whether it's painting or even doodling and she's very talented with a digital camera! Kaytelynn lives with her Grandmother, not far from us. I think she is enjoying her independence and finding out what real world responsibilities are like, without the help of Mom. Of course, I am called upon on occasion... I like that I am still needed! Oh, she has even admitted to me that living at home wasn't all that bad! LOL

School for the year finally ended and Nick passed 5 out of 6 classes! I kmew he could do it but to wait until the last week to pull it off, darn near drove us nuts! We flew Justin up from California to visit for the summer. And it's been nothing but busy, chaotic testosterone in this house ever since! I messed up my schedule/routine of taking my medications during all of this hoopla (hospital visits in April - Kaytelynn & May - Tanner)...well, I did what most people do, I figured it was time to just keep on trying to make a go of it without the meds. Now, I know better, I really do! I know that you shouldn't take yourself off of medications! Well, I did it anyways! Yep, you guessed it...panic attacks! A few pretty good ones while out shopping, even with Eric. I had to leave several stores pretty darn quick. I dang near didn't make it to Kaytelynn's graduation, but managed to somewhat hold it together long enough. Soooooo, I'm getting back into my routine of taking my meds again. It's just not the right time to go it alone yet.

Well, even during all of this stuff, I managed to create a 'few' new items for my store. Instead of posting all of the previews individually, I have 1 big preview of all of the items that were released between May 23rd and June 20th. It includes 2011 calendars, printables, date markers, create your own items, and of course a few kits and alphabet sets.

Now that we're all caught up, here are the new items that were just released today!

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craftychic said...

So glad to hear Tanner's on the mend. I'm so sorry he had to suffer the accident. Yahoo! for Kaytelynn - you go girl! I wish her luck with her creating. Great for Nick. I have one that waited until the last day to graduate HS :-) I'm sorry you had the panic attacks, hopefully you can get back to your normal self :) Love all the new creations!